Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Review: The Flavor Bible

Thanks to the folks at Hatchette and some blogger whose name I can't find, I won a copy of this lovely book.

There are two types of cooks, in my experience. The first type follows recipies; the second mixes things together to make something new. This book is for the second type. There are no recipies; rather there are a couple of chapters about things to consider when mixing flavors, followed by lists of about every ingredient you can think of, followed by what to use with it. For example, about Blood Oranges, it says they are sour-sweet, medium weight and moderate volume. They go with carmel, Chapagne, white chocolate, cinnamon, cloves, cream grapefruit,honey, kumquats, lemon, mint, pomegranates, salads, brown sugar, tarts and vanilla. Regarding Oregano, it gives an extensive list of things that could be flavored with oregano, but suggests avoiding cilanto or desserts. For some ingredients, flavor affinities are suggested--for example, snap peas + brown sugar + sage. For sweet potatoes, among other flavor affinities, they list sweet potatoes + chile peppers + lemon zest.

If you are someone who likes to create in the kitchen and is looking for a roadmap to point you in the right direction, try this book.

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  1. If you call this book a road map, remind me not to ask for directions in March :)
    Of course I don't like to create in the kitchen, I prefer to duplicate someone else's creation


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