Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Rollicking Fun Read

What do you get when you mix a spirited independent red-headed high-born 18th century woman, her sister's bad marriage, a distant father, and a sexy, but by-the-book sailor? Quite a fun story, especially if the red head's way of assuring that neither she nor her other sisters will be forced into bad marriages for financial reasons is amassing a fortune as a pirate. Yes, this is a romance novel about a romance between the woman pirate and the Navy man whose job it is to catch pirates. I won't tell you how it all works out, but I will tell you that in the process, he brings her back to the Christian faith she abandoned when her mother died.

This was a fun read, full of adventure and unexpected twists. Faith, the pirate was admirable but misguided--she wanted the right thing (to take care of her sisters) but went about it in the wrong way. My only issue with the book is that it piled improbability upon improbability. I know this is fiction, but no one in the book acted normally and there was a miraculous rescue that had to have had Divine intervention. As I said, I enjoyed the book, but believable it was not.

First Wildcard is touring this book January 19. Check back then to read the first chapter.

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