Saturday, January 31, 2009

Faith 'n Fiction Saturday

Amy's question this week:

Today's Question:
You have a good friend who is a devoted Christian and voracious reader. He or she, however, tried to read a Christian fiction book in the past and found it to be too preachy and unrealistic. Your friend wants to try it again and has asked you for a recommendation. Their favorite genre of book is what is considered literary fiction. What book would you recommend to them?

You also have a friend who is not a Christian but wants to read fiction that is considered clean without being too Christian. They have asked you if there are Christian fiction books that might meet their reading needs. They are interested in romance and novels. What book would you recommend to them?

Well, I just checked out literary fiction on Wikipedia and found that the only listed book which I had read was The Handmaid's Tale. Mostly I think of literary fiction as the stuff schools assign and I'm generally not too fond of it. In short I'm not sure what Christian books I've read that would fall in that category--but that may be because I'm not apt to order that type of book.

As far as romance type novels, hmmm....check my blog. I always note whether the books are preachy or not. Lately, books I've read that would fall in that category include Gingham Mountain, Plain Perfect, and Bride Bargain. I also enjoyed Christine Lynxwier's Pinkie Promise Sisterhood books, including Promise Me Always and Along Came a Cowboy.


  1. Well thought out answers. Please tell me how you get the Amazon insert to line up next to one another like that. Mine always sit one on top of the other. Happy Faith ‘n Fiction Day. Here’s my answer:

  2. Anonymous10:53 AM

    I'm not much into romance. Here is my answer!

    FnF post

  3. Those all look good - will have to check them out. I decided to quit lurker and answer this week. My answer is up.


  4. More great answers! I can always count on FnF postings to add to my want list ;)

  5. absolutely LOVE Christine!! She was the other person I would've chosen, but she's similar to Susan May Warren. Haven't read Kelly's books yet, but LOVE Cathy's!!

    ~Mimi B @ Woven by Words

  6. I think people who prefer literary fiction would have a hard time finding something in Christian fiction...that's why I asked. but it's definitely not just school assigned stuff...

  7. Goody, a few new authors to add to my TBR list! I am just beginning Gingham Mountain.

  8. Anonymous10:58 PM

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    God bless!


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