Monday, January 05, 2009

Taking It Deeper Tuesday: Blood Lines

This week's book is Blood Lines (Tyndale House Publishers (December 8, 2008)

This book features two brothers and their father. Their mother died when the boys were young. After that, neither the father or the brothers attended church regularly until the one who grew up to be a minister started going because he wanted to date the preacher's daughter. From there his faith developed. Question: How can those involved in the church encourage faith on the part of those who are not?

I'll post my answer later. To participate, copy the question and a link to the book on your blog, answer it, and link back here. Or, you can just leave a comment here.

Absent more discussion than the previous questions have garnered, this will be the last Taking It Deeper Tuesday.


  1. I saw your post and where I haven't yet read this book I will throw my answer out there.

    The last place people should look for God is in the Chruch. Our chruches are often filled with pew warmers.

    We miss opprotunities to show His love and grace everyday. How often do we see people at work or in the parking lots at stores and we fail to extend some of His love. Maybe with helping someone with thier shopping buggy by taking it back to the store. Perhaps asking others how they are and not focusing on the event in our lives. Or creating a relationship with the person at the grocery store who check you out. I mean I know I see some of the same people everytime I go. What about the person who does your hair? Do you talk only about youself while sitting in the chair or do you invest time in learning about them.

    I don't think we should only lend that love when the other person is in crisis. We should be seeking out relationships with other everyday to those we meet in passing or have known for ages. With that relationship established you then have an opprotunity to show your faith. You can't talk someone into having faith but you can live out your faith.

  2. Hi Ruth, I posted my response to your question on my blog, along with a link here. Here's a link to my blog.

  3. Interesting comment Donna. I agree with you about showing love to others. However, I find your comment that the last place people should look for God is in the Church to be...hmm....a different opinion than mine and one I find interesting. If you (generic) aren't looking for God at church, what are you looking for?

  4. It can be hard to reach out to those not attending church. But we can in little ways - by being a kind human to them, by being a listening ear, and even by inviting them to a non-threatening event at church

  5. I like the idea of TIDT but I am in the middle of a ton of giveaways and interviews on my blog at the moment and can hardly keep up with them at the moment - let alone blog about extra (22 giveaways as of this morning) But if you continue I will be sure to check them out.

  6. Hi, I think this was a good idea but it started at a time when I couldn't participate. Also, being on a Tuesday, I can only participate every other week in the future if you continue.

  7. Interesting question! Pray for them, first and foremost! One way we can do this is by be an example of a Christian they'd like to be like, if that makes sense. Represent Christianity as well as you can in your every day life. If they have any questions, be willing to answer, and invite them to come to fellowship with you. Even if they don't take you up on that, continue to (genuinely) include mentions of your faith in conversation. We may not know if it "hits home" or not, because it may not take place in the present. However, we have the assurance that we offered them the opportunity!

  8. I like this concept (taking it deeper) but I did not review this book! Sorry!

  9. I like this idea (TIDT) too...but like others, it started at a very busy time of year!

    Now that I'm getting back into my normal routines and things are settling down a bit, I'd like to participate.

    It would be very, very helpful if you sent out a reminder until we all get in the habit. :)


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