Thursday, October 22, 2009

Children's Book Review: Jack's Dreams Come to Life

Jack's Dreams Come To Life is a cute children's book I recently received from the author for review. Jack is the big dog in the picture. He went out one day and discovered a snake and a turtle and after his fun with them, curled up in his favorite spot and went to sleep. He had a dream where he started of chasing a squirrel, but then the squirrel grew very large and started chasing him. Next, his squeak toys got large and came to life. He was cornered by the duck. He woke up, checked his toy box and found that they were back to their normal size.

My five year old and I read this book together. She enjoyed the pictures but didn't get the dream bit. She did like the pictures of the animals and thought Jack was cute.

The author, Sara Jackson, has a website that includes a downloadable coloring book featuring the outline drawings in the book. The pictures in the book appear to be drawn in pencil or pen and then filled in with water colors; your children could copy her colors and technique or try their own style with the same outline.

I'd like to thank Sara Jackson for sending me a complimentary copy of her book. To purchase a copy on Amazon, click here: Jack's Dreams Come To Life

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