Monday, October 19, 2009

Rosary Links for Kids

Last year I taught third grade religion and kept a blog for my class on which I'd post timely links. One of my posts was on the rosary, and I thought I'd share the links with you.

I know I have two sets of readers (with some overlap)--Catholic bloggers and blog readers and book bloggers and those who read them. For those of you who are not Catholic, let me tell you something about this often misunderstood prayer. Most of us have seen the rosary being said in movies even if we've never held one. It is a string of beads that begins with a crucifix followed by a bead set apart from others, three beads together and then a medal of some sort. Connected to the medal is a circle of beads which consists of five beads set apart from others, and in between them, 10 beads close together. Each set of ten beads is called a decade. In some ways the rosary is a simple prayer, you say the Our Father and Glory Be on the separate beads and the Hail Mary on the ordinary beads. However, that isn't all there is to it. The "meat" of the rosary is meditating on what are called the mysteries--stories from the life of Jesus and Mary. The repeated prayers are there to drown out distractions, to help you focus, kind of like a mantra. You can learn more about the mysteries by following my links.

How do we pray the rosary? Here is how!

Would you like to see pretty pictures showing all the mysteries?

These coloring sheets show many of mysteries of the rosary.

Here are coloring sheets of all the mysteries. Try coloring a sheet a night as you say the prayers for just that mystery.

Here is an interactive rosary. It shows you which bead you are on and how to say the prayer. Give it a try!

How would you like a coloring book of the mysteries of the rosary?

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