Saturday, October 31, 2009

Don't Forget to Enter My Giveaways--Sticky Post

Don't forget to enter my giveaways!
Can God Be Trusted by Father Thomas Williams. Winner will be selected on All Saints Day
Cheating Death by Sanjay Gupta, MD. Winner will be selected on Halloween.
Permission Slips by Sherri Shepherd. Winner will be selected November 10.

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  1. I can not find your email address, so please forgive me for leaving this message in your comment section!

    Thank you for participating in our Wednesday Blog Book Review Link-up. I am continually fascinated by the range of information and knowledge that flows through the process. Perhaps my favorite element is the cross-fertilization with other writers and book reviewers. Through our blog, I communicate with a wide range of authors & reviewers as if we met at Starbucks for a discussion several times a day, with people coming and going.

    Out of this process flows a continual stream of books to be read, enjoyed, and reviewed. I read at a healthy pace and there are always new books to be consumed, often in sub-genres that I would probably never pick out on a bookstore shelf. My book review for this week is from Dakota Banks’ Dark Time: Mortal Path; this is a perfect illustration. An urban fantasy would probably not wet my appetite. Yet, if I met Dakota at a coffee shop and she handed me a bookmark I would surely go buy a copy. In our blog world, it happens electronically with a physical book that I am asked to review or a review that I read on another blogger's site.

    I hope that you get the same joy from this process that I do.

    Warms, CYM

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