Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mailbox Monday


Well, my mailbox runneth over, far more input that outgo.  Most of the books however are not for review, they came from my friend Renee who blogs at SAGA.  I'll probably write a few words when I read them, but my TBR stack is more like a piled high shelf, so I'm not sure when I'll get to them.  I'll tell you what, if you see something from her that you'd like to know about, leave me a comment, and I'll move it up on the stack (if the mood strikes me--one resolution I made this year was to request fewer books and to read more books because they caught my interest rather than because a publicist wanted a review).  Still, I like having an audience read what I write, so I might was well try to please that audience, right?  So, on to the big package:
Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes (Sisterchicks Series #8)Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes (Sisterchicks Series #8))
Only You (Steeple Hill Women's Fiction #49)Only You (Steeple Hill Women's Fiction #49):  Christian fiction in the "one of them has to find God before they can live happily ever after" mold.  Not one of Bedford's better books.
Embrace MeEmbrace MeGods in AlabamaGods in Alabama
The Life O'ReillyThe Life O'ReillyStretch Marks: A NovelStretch Marks: A Novel
DogwoodDogwood92 Pacific Boulevard (Cedar Cove)92 Pacific Boulevard (Cedar Cove)

I got two books this week that I won on other blogs:
Knight of Pleasure (All the King's Men)Knight of Pleasure (All the King's Men):  Mass Market Romance.  A fun read but nothing exceptional.
 Cowboy & Wills: A Love StoryCowboy & Wills: A Love Story

For review, the Thomas Nelson Book Sneeze program sent me Nelson's Complete Book of BIble Maps and Charts, 3rd EditionNelson's Complete Book of BIble Maps and Charts, 3rd Edition

To see what everyone else got this week, check out Mailbox Monday at the Printed Page.


  1. What a great mailbox week you had. Several of these titles are new to me so I must check them out ...thanks and enjoy!

  2. Fab book list! I liked Gods in Alabama and the Cedar Cove Series. Enjoy them all : )

  3. Oh, my! How to choose! I see a Debbie Macomber that I haven't read yet!

    My MM:

  4. Great mailbox! My mailbox is here.

  5. Great mailbox! I would have a hard time deciding which one to start reading! They all look very good! Enjoy!

  6. Wow! You had a busy week! So many good books. I always enjoy Debbie Macomber. I got Cowboy and Wills too and I think it will probably make me cry. Enjoy your goodies!

  7. Sorry to say but actually I would move Sister Chicks in Wooden Shoes to the bottom of the pile. Enjoy all your other books.


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