Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mama Buzz: Love Your Heart

Love Your HeartLove Your Heart is the charming story of a little girl entering the school talent contest, and of her biggest fan, her loving Daddy.  Her dog Palio also gets a starring role.  Written by Tim McGraw and Tom Douglas, Love Your Heart features the same characters as My Little Girl which I reviewed last year.

It is Decision Day, the day Katie has to decide what she is going to do in the school talent show.  She shows her Daddy a cartwheel, and lands in the mud.  She sings, and finally, she decides to teach her dog Palio to juggle.  Her Dad assures her that God gave her many talents and would help her find the right one for the talent show.  She is backstage before the show when she notices how unhappy her friend Sophie is.  Sophie said she had practiced all year to break the school jump rope record but would not be able to perform because of a broken hand.  Katie makes a last-minute decision to forgo her act so that she and Palio can turn the jump rope for Sophia, who wins the contest.  After the contest she asks her father if he was disappointed that she didn't do anything in the show, and he replies " You did do something!  Showing kindness is the best talent of all!. I love your heart, Katie".

My five year old and I read the story tonight and she enjoyed it.  She didn't think it was fair that Sophie got the crown rather than Katie--but at the end, after wearing the crown for an evening out, Sophie gives it to Katie, so virtue is rewarded.

I love these stories about that special relationship between a girl and her dad and pray that all little girls will know that love that is their first introduction to the love of a man.

Thanks to Abby Barnhart at Thomas Nelson who provided a complimentary copy of this book for this Mama Buzz tour. Check the Mama Buzz site for links to more reviews.

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  1. This sounds cute! I'll have to pick it up for my DD.


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