Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Review: All Things Hidden

All Things Hidden is a sweet story in which a church cleaning project turns into a family history lesson.  This book, which is the eighteenth book in the Home to Heather Creek series of books about the Stevenson family .  They live in Bedford, a small town in Nebraska.  This story opens as the ladies of Bedford Community Church begin cleaning out the church basement to assemble items for the church's anniversary celebration.  Charlotte finds an old newspaper article telling the story of how her great-great-grandfather was accused of stealing money people contributed to build the church.  She'd heard a little about this story, but learns that he was convicted, but that when he went to serve his sentence, the men from the town showed up at the jail to serve his time with/for him.  She wants to learn more, and of course, to clear his name.  At the same time, her grandaugher, who lives with her, is working on a local history project for school.  A grandson wants to be a reporter and starts investigating the missing money too.  Everything is tied up with a bow at the end.

This book is published by Guideposts, and while I'm not real familiar with their stuff, "sweet" is the word that usually comes to my mind when I think of it, and you'll notice that "sweet" was the word I used to describe this book.  I never had the slightest doubt that everything would work out and that everyone would live happily ever after.  There are a couple of religious moments in the book, but it isn't a preachy book.  

This isn't a great book, but it is a sweet easy feel-good read.  To purchase, call 1-800-431-2344 or check Guidepost's website.  

About the Author:  Tricia Goyer is the author of eighteen books of fiction and nonfiction, including Generation NeXt Parenting and the Gold Medallion finalist Life Interrupted. Goyer writes for publications such as Today's Christian Woman and Focus on the Family, speaks to women's groups nationwide, and has been a presenter at the Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) national convention. She and her husband, John, live with their family in Montana.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in order to write this review.


  1. Sometimes it's nice to sit a read a sweet book that you know will have a happy ending. I enjoy your reviews.

    I left you an awrd at my blog:

  2. I agree with MAxine... sometimes I just want a sweet book to read

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