Saturday, February 20, 2010

Welcome to Autism Week

I hope you enjoyed my review of  Cowboy & Wills: A Love Story as much as I enjoyed reading the book.  Of course, I'm a little biased, you see, I too have a son whose disability is classified as "high-functioning" autism.  Autism is getting a lot of press these days.  I have a Google Alert set for "Autism".  When I first set it years ago, I used to get an email once or twice a week, with one article link.  Now, I'm emailed daily, and each email gives me links to several stories--stories that range from the latest attempts to get health insurance to cover ABA, to a community's autism walk to treatments that someone thinks may be "the" answer.  It is said that as many as 1% of children today will be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.  These kids are everywhere, in our churches, in our classrooms, in our families.  This week we are going to talk about them, and I invite you to join the discussion.

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  1. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I think I'd question the 1% rate. I believe it's much higher. We have 9 houses on our cul-de-sac and most of the residents are older, retired folks. 3 houses have kids, including ours, and there is an Autistic boy down the street. Across the street from us is a family with three kids, including an Autistic boy. My cousin Chris has Asperger's and our nephew is Autistic as well. I think it's much more common than 1%.


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