Saturday, February 21, 2009

Animals in Translation: My Review

A Co-worker lent this book to me. She is an animal lover; I have an autistic son. The author of the book is autistic and an expert in animal behavior. She believes her autism gives her an edge in her profession as she believes she thinks a lot more like animals do. She speaks of herself as thinking in pictures, not words. She also writes of noticing a lot of details that normal people don't--but that animals do.

I found the book interesting not only for what it had to say about animal behavior but also for what Grandin had to say about her own autism. However, I found the book repetitive and grew tired of it 3/4 of the way through, so I just skimmed the rest. This is a book that has been in my TBR stack for some time and which I've attempted to read in the past, and just never finished, though I sort of wanted to. This time I'm giving up.

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