Monday, February 09, 2009

Red White and Blue--My Review

Red White and Blue is the story of the best friend, campaign manager and then chief of staff of the first female president of the United States. The main character, Kate Rosen, is a forty-something woman who has made a career as a politician's aide. "Her" politician is Emily Benton, a woman from a family which has already produced one president. Kate is a devout Christian; Emily is a devout politician. The book is about the conflict between the two. There is real evil in this book, and I think the most evil thing about this evil is that it isn't necessarily done for its own sake but for the sake of preserving power. They say that power corrupts, will it corrupt Kate?

I enjoyed the book. It is Christian fiction and there are parts that definitely show it--like the ending, -- but it was so effective as an ending, I just loved the writing in the last chapter. I won't tell you more, except that this is a worthy read.

First Wilcard will tour this book March 19. Check back then to read the first chapter.

Question for Discussion: Is it possible to remain in a position of political power and maintain Christian morals?

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