Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Review: The God I Don't Understand

Well, I read it, or most of it. When offered by First Wildcard, I took this book because the cross is one of the topics discussed in it, and it is a topic I've always had a hard time wrapping my mind around. I know Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. He gave His life that we might live. He opened the gates of heaven. But why did it have to be that way? Why couldn't God just let bygones be bygones and take Adam and Eve back. Why did He choose to use Jesus in that way? I have some understanding of why, but I was interested in seeing the author's take on it. He basically said that as humans we have a basic recoginition that sin/evil must be punished, and that Jesus bore the punishment we deserved. The cross is the manifestation of both the rightous anger of God and His love. I guess the book helped advance my understanding of the cross and that's why I got it, so I'd say it was worth the read.

Other topics discussed include evil and suffering, the Canaanites and the end of the world. Click here to read the first chapter.

Well, I guess its off to the next book in my "chapter a day whether I feel like it or not" stack.

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