Friday, February 06, 2009

Report Card Time

My kids are getting interim reports this week, and since I'm home today with a sick four year old (who of course doesn't seem as sick now as she did this morning)I thought I'd review my blogging goals for the year and see how I'm doing. I said I wanted to increase readership of this blog. According to my stats, in the last 30 days, I've averaged 29 unique visitor per day, and 7 of them were returning visitors. Since I didn't write down what my numbers were in December, I don't know if I'm improving or not. In order to boost readership, I said I'd
1.Post at least one book review per week. Done
2. Post at least one non-tour book review per month: Well, Rex wasn't exactly a tour book; but I did get if from a review program. I was busy last month, but it appears I didn't read anything that wasn't sent to me for review.
3. Post at least two posts per month about my family. Only got one last month; I'll have to work on that.
4. Post at least two posts per month about my opinion about something. Didn't get there. My confirmation post sort of hit two of these categories, this one and family.
5. Try one more time with Taking it Deeper Tuesday--and if it doesn't work, then drop it.(could be easy or challenging. (Easy if the post I write tonite is my last; challenging if I get to keep it up.) Gave it up.
6. Continue to participate in Faith N Fiction Saturday. Done
7. Post link collections of children's activities for Mardi Gras (maybe), Lent, Easter, Mary, Pentecost, the Rosary, and All Saints Day. (medium)Not time yet; but will be soon.
8. Update and re-post collections on Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. (easy)Not time yet.
9. Participate in at least one carnival per week. I've found the Catholic Carnival, the Christian Book Carnival and the Book Review carnival, so I ought to be able to find at least one post for one of them each week. (medium)I think I missed a week.
10. Comment on at least two blogs per day (challenging) No
11. Comment on at least two blogs I haven't been reading regularly per week. (challenging--but can be combined with 10) No
12. Have some sort of graphic on over half my posts (challenging)Yes, but since they've all been book blogs, with Amazon links, that hasn't been hard.
13. Participate at least twice a month in a Meme, or some other type of "everybody is doing it" type of post. (challenging) No.

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  1. Good morning!

    I found your blog through my Google Blog Alert this morning. One of your posts picked up each of the words in my blog's e-mail address...Kathy's Second Half (at

    I read a few of your posts, and enjoyed what I read. I'm bookmarking your site to come back later because I'm leaving soon for Mass and don't have a lot of time!


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