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Lenten Activities for Kids--Revised for 2012

Of all the posts on this blog, this is far and away the most popular.  Since it is usually reached via search engine, rather than ruin all those good links, I'm going to update it here.  I began this list back in 2008 by digging into the Catechist Yahoogroup archives and other places to compile a list of activities to bring kids into the spirit of the season.


You use popsicle sticks - the big ones - ones that are already colored are great. Also need string or yarn; glue, and markers -dark markers are best. Take two Popsicle sticks and glue them into a cross. While the glue dries, talk about why we make Lenten sacrifices. Compare the sacrifices to lifting weights at a gym, that they make you spiritually stronger and closer to Jesus. Talk about the ways we
draw closer to Jesus during Lent: by fasting (what that is, food and
other sacrifices, too); by praying (Jesus prayed in the desert, before many of his healings, in Luke he is shown constantly praying); and by giving alms - helping those in need (Rice Bowls, Matthew 25:31-46). Tell your students these three things are very important things to do during Lent. The glue should be dry: Have them write on the cross - (with give away centered)



Wrap the string around the center of the cross crossways, and glue it. Encourage Your students to put the crosses near their beds or somewhere special where they will be seen, so they remember their Lenten promises. When Easter comes, they can celebrate with great joy!

Silhouettes of the Stations of the Cross.
Each child gets one station and two pieces of paper of different somber colors. One sheet is the background. The foreground sheet is the one they use to draw and then cut out an image that conveys the station. No details of facial expression or anything like that. Paste the top sheet to the bottom.

Project Hopebags
Project Hopebags is a homeless outreach program to provide for thephysical, spiritual, and emotional needs of people living on the streets. Students can get involved by writing a short note of encouragement and loveto those on the street.

The web has many activities for kids.

Many of the publishers of religion texts have websites with further activities

Sadlier, publisher of the We Believe religion series has Lenten activities for all ages.

CatholicMom.com has art projects, coloring sheets, games and even some recipes. They have more under lesson plans.

Most kids love to help in the kitchen and the Catholic Cuisine blog has recipes that carry you through the liturgical year. See what they are cooking up for Lent.

Part of a large site by a Passionist, here are Lenten prayers for children. They also include a Stations of the Cross for Children.

Sign up for Holy Heroes and your kids can get daily emails of Lenten activities.

The Catholic Faith Education Blog has posts with Lenten links.
Women for Faith and Family give readings and background information for parents, and family activities.

Resources for Catholic Educators has a treasure trove of activities.
Of course the most necessary part of celebrating Lent is celebrating Sunday mass with the community. The web gives us lots of resources to help children understand the weekly readings. The publishers of the Faith First religion texts have weekly summaries, discussion topics and activities based on the readings. Catholic Mom.com has coloring pages, worksheets, lesson plans, and more for each week. .

Karen Edmonson has some great crafts on her blog.

Domestic Church has activities and prayers.

Catholic Culture offers several choices including a sticker chart.

Shower of Roses offers Lenten calendars, recipes, crafts and more.

Catholic Icing has a printable Lenten countdown calendar.
Bringing Lent to Life is a new book that contains a lot of terrific ideas to use with your family.  See my review.
If you have a favorite Lenten resource for kids that isn't listed here, please leave it in a comment!


  1. CurrClick's freebie this week is "Lent Activities for the Family, 2009.

    We have never really done anything special this time of year, but I plan on incorporating some of the ideas from the book.

    Blessings and thanks!
    (a fellow FIRST member)

  2. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Thanks for a great list. I have lots of things to go explore now.

    Loyola Press has some kids activities here http://www.loyolapress.com/finding-god-activity-finder.aspx

    There are also other Lent resources scattered on the site.

  3. http://www.holyheroes.com/ sign up for emails 3x a week during Lent with crossword puzzles, word searches and coloring pages.

    http://www.lapbooksforcatholics.com/lent.html This lapbook for Lent is only $7.99 and very detailed.

    http://www.pflaum.com/catalog/childcat/previews/lent09front.pdf has Lenten workbooks for children, middle school aged kids and teens.

    Thanks for the review of Anne Rice's book. I got the two older ones from bookmooch and plan to read them during Lent.

  4. These are fantastic ideas, RAnn! Thanks you for posting those links.


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