Friday, February 20, 2009

You Know You are in New Orleans When...

You spend the Friday before Mardi Gras pulling or watching your Pre-K or Kindergarten child in the school parade. Yes, it is the norm at just about all schools for the Pre-K and/or Kindergarten kids to put on a parade for the rest of the school. Here is my youngest getting ready for her parade.

You can see that she has an abundent supply of beads, cups, trinkets and candy to throw. I bought a big bag of candy; the rest of the stuff is stuff we caught last year.
Some parents tape a garland to the wagon and let it go at that; others go all out. The kids don't really care, and most schools to not have contests.
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  1. Looks like the kids had fun!!!

  2. Our elementary school (in the St. Louis, MO area) had Mardi Gras parades for several years; every class K-8th had a presence). They stopped because the group got too wild.

    I think it's a great idea to let the littlest students be in charge!


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