Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daniel's Den: My Review

For someone who doesn't generally read suspense thrillers, I've gotten a bunch of them lately. My latest, Daniel's Den features a New Orleans stock broker and a Virgina owner of a bed and breakfast. The broker is a single man; the innkeeper a single mother with a nerdy son. He is set up to learn something he shouldn't know; she is being pressured to sell her inn by a stranger. It turns out there is a relationship. The two of them end up on the run away from the bad guys and the law.

Daniel's Den is an entertaining page-turner. It is Christian fiction, and in this book what that means is that one of the characters, at the end of the book discovers a faith he never had. The other has her faith revived. Honestly, the faith elements could be completely excised and the book would still make perfect sense. On the other hand, they aren't overdone or preachy either. It is almost more like they are stuck in there, read them if you want, skip them if you don't.

Question for Discussion:
What do boys miss most when raised by single moms?

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  1. a male role model. A teacher can substitute for some but they are not there to model love for spouse, love for family, etc.


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