Monday, February 09, 2009

Sunday Brunch: My Review

As I mentioned on Mailbox Monday, I don't know how this book ended up on my Bookmooch wishlist, but it is the story of five young female African-American attorneys (or more precisely, law school graduates) who live in Houston. Lexi, is the narrator and is trying to keep her private practice alive. She is single, dumps the jerk she is dating early in the book when she realizes he only wants one thing and decides that celibacy is the way to go until marriage. Jewel is a shopaholic who is an events coordinator (ie party planner) for their law school. She is an immature spoiled rich girl. Angel works for a corporation, doesn't have a faith life and is hurting from having men desert her in the past. Jermane is Catholic (though in terms of this book all it means is that she doesn't attend church with the rest of them)and is a student preparing to teach law. Her dad has one of the biggest African-American law firms in town and she was preparing to work for him (even though she really didn't want to) until she met her husband, Rex. Now Rex works for her dad and works too much. She is feeling neglected and almost has an affair. Capri works for a major law firm and is too busy for a social life until...

I don't know if it is because I'm old and dried up, or if I'm just totally uncool, or if I'm not African-American or if I just have too rosy a view of humankind, but I found the characters of the book obsessed with sex. I mean most of these women were church-going singles yet having sex seems to be a regular part of their social lives. I realize most people are doing it, but are they really doing it on a casual basis rather than with people in established relationships? Maybe I'm just too old...

Anyway, it was a good story. Faith elements were interwoven but in a realistic way and it certainly wasn't a matter of just believe and all your problems will go away.

Question for discussion: What is normal dating sexual behavior for Christians? What should be?

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  1. What it should be is chaste. But I think with the bombardment of the media and the way we date (as opposed to courting or arranged marriages) it's not that way very often. I think many give into temptations unless they go into the relationship with rules about not being alone together.


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