Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Review: The Husband Project

The Husband Project is a charming book about getting in the habit of treating your husband well, of remembering why you love him and going out of your way to make him feel special. The author, Kathy Lipp, says that forming any new habit takes about 21 repetitions, so she recommends making the book at 21 day project. She further says that when you plan something, and write it down, you are more likely to carry out the plans. She gives you 21 different themes and suggested activities within those themes, and then asks you to pick one and plan to do it. Some of the ideas were spiritual, like setting alarms on your cell phone, and when they go off, praying for your husband. Others were sexual, and others involved giving up control of the TV. She also recommends getting an accountability partner who is doing the husband project, and keeping each other on track.

I think it is very easy to get into the rut of taking your husband for granted; I know I do. That being said, while I do plan to incorporate some of her ideas into my life,and do plan to be more aware of doing things for my husband, I'll admit I do not plan to do the 21 day thing. I'm just not a planner, and just don't need another "must" in my life right now.

If you want a good flavor of the book, check out Ginger's blog. She did a five day flavor of the book; check it out.

First Wildcard will tour this book next week; check back to read the first chapter.

Question for Discussion: Name one thing you've done lately specifically to show that you love, honor or cherish your spouse.


  1. My answer: I just said a prayer for mine!

  2. RAnn,

    Great question! Yesterday, I took our toddler on a trip to the store so that my husband could have some "me" time. Today I am attempting to do Project 1 from the book, about the atmosphere of the house and giving him 30 minutes when he gets home. :)

    I'm stopping by all the tour hosts this morning ~ I really enjoyed this book and posted my review at Wendi's Book Corner. I love your review, and hope you don't mind that I'm adding a link to your review on mine.

    I've also started a Husband Project blog in the hopes of successfully completing the projects in the book, and would like to invite you to stop by and say hi or join me!

    ~ Wendi

  3. Hi RAnn,

    Just thought I'd stop by and let you know that I added a link to your great review in the sidebar of my The Husband Project blog! I hope thats ok!

    :) Wendi


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