Friday, June 05, 2009

Another Contest

This contest is a little different that the other ones I've run. For one thing, I'm providing the prize--you'll have a choice of any book in my "already read" stack. How do you enter? By leaving relevant comments on my posts. "I'd love to win a book" isn't a relevant comment. Giving your answer to a discussion question is. Telling me if you like or disliked one of my books is. Telling me why you want to read a book I reviewed is relevant; just telling me you want to read it probably isn't. Ok, I know this is all real subjective, but what I'm really trying to do is to get folks to comment about what I'm writing, not just leave a string of "great post" or "I want to win" comments. I'll draw a winner in two weeks, US or Canada only.


  1. Ok, a relevant comment...

    Well I have been coming to your blog for quite a while now actually. I just don't think I have ever commented. I have been coming to your blog ever since your giveaway for "Girls in Trucks".
    I love Chick-lit, historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Southern Fiction, and memoirs! I have enjoyed many of your reviews, we seem to have alot of books in common.
    I promise to comment more often!

  2. I visit your interesting blog each week to read and peruse the book reviews. I enjoy many of the books that you feature and I love family sagas, historical fiction and mystery fiction and British writers. Thanks for this place to visit and comment.

  3. I visit your blog everyday, but just don't always post. I have only been a follower for a month or so, but I do enjoy reading it now that I have become a follower.

    I really like and appreciate your honesty in your book reviews. I think that is helpful to readers. When reading a review, I want to know if it is the type of book that I would enjoy reading or not.
    I don't see that with all book reviewers and it is nice to see that with yours.

    I like your variety of books and we seem to like the same type of books. I was so excited when I won Girls in Trucks as that was my first book giveaway win and after that I was hooked on book review blogs. Your blog is still one of my favorites! received the book this week and even though it is different from my normal reading lately, I have still gotten enjoyment from reading this book. At least it has interesting characters. I plan to pass it on to my college aged daughter when I finish reading it.

    Another book that you had in the giveaways and book reviews was Jantsen's Gift. I can't wait to receive that book and start reading it.

    I like the Christian based books and am glad that you review them. But, I am glad to see the variety of books that you review, including romance and suspense books.

    Thank you for a great blog!

  4. I've only been following for about 2 months now. Except for Catholic Carnival, I don't think I've commented. I liked the discussion question you posted here. I think I could like a book even if I don't like all the characters. The book Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil comes to mind. I enjoyed the story, but some of the characters were hard to like and some of them were of the "characters you love to hate" category.
    Thanks for your honesty in your reviews.


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