Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Review: Maggie Rose

Maggie Rose is the second book in Sharlen Maclaren's "Daughters of Jacob Kane" series. I reviewed the first, Hannah Grace, when it first came out.

Maggie Rose (the girl, not the book)leaves her home in Michigan to work in an orphanage in New York City. She heard of it when the brother of the woman who owned it spoke at her church. Shortly after she gets there, Luke moved in. He was a newspaper reporter who recently lost his fiancee to a tragic boat accident. Because he got too emotionally involved in investigating that accident, his editor pulled him off the story, and sent him to the orphanage to work on a human interest story, during a three month leave of absence. He moves into the orphanage and works with the orphans in an effort to learn their story. One of the girls escaped from a brothel and wants help getting a friend out. He helps.

This orphanage is one of those which put the orphans on trains and sent them across the country looking for new families. Luke and Maggie accompany them and something happens to build suspense. It is a romance novel so I'll leave the final resolution to your imagination.

The book is Christian fiction and like Hannah Grace, on the religious side of spectrum. The characters are constantly praying or hearing God's voice. Faith is Maggie's primary motivation for just about everything she does. We go to church with the characters, and hear them discussing sermons. It is definitely one of those "one of them has to find God before they can get married" type romances.

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  1. Linda3:39 PM

    Praying and hearing God's voice is what Christian fiction is about, as it is mixed in with the story line. Leaves a redemptive aspect to one's life.


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