Monday, June 29, 2009

Book Review: No, Never!

Today there were four packages waiting for me when I got home with my five year old, and she was sure that at least one of them would have a good book in it. Luckily, from her viewpoint, one did.

No, Never! by Sally O. Lee is a beautifully illustrated book about a little girl (dog) who doesn't want to do chores or homework, or take a bath. She wants to be a famous writer or bicycle racer. Her mother explains that we have to practice achieving small goals (like a clean room) to get us ready to reach our real goals, like writing a great book.

I loved the illustrations; they are painted, bright and colorful. The expressions on Daisy's face are perfect. You can see other books Sally O. Lee has written and illustrated on her website. The website also contains crafts and puzzels that go with some of her other books, but I didn't see anything that went with this one. Maybe that's because it is new.

My five year old enjoyed the story and when asked to tell me if it was very good, good, ok or yucky, said it was good. We'd like to thank Sally Lee for sending us this book.

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