Sunday, June 14, 2009

Talking to the Dead: My Review

One of the most psychologically traumatic events in a person's life is the loss of a spouse. This is the story of Kate Davis, a young woman who just lost her husband. Shortly thereafter, she begins to hear him speak to her. She is unable to function, even to bathe and otherwise deal with her personal needs. She finally seeks help, and eventually finds that her husband had a secret. She ends up in a locked psychiatric facility and eventually begins to heal by learning some secrets she has hidden in her own memory.

The book is Christian fiction, but you'd never know it if you just read the first 2/3 of the book. She meets a guy who is a pastor, but they really don't discuss religion. She has an encounter with the pastor of a large church who tries an exorcism on her--but he clearly comes across as a bad guy. There is a scene where she accepts that God loves and cares for her, which is part of her healing, but it doesn't solve all her problems.

I enjoyed the book and recommend it. First Wildcard is touring it June 24, so stop back and read the first chapter.


  1. Nice review. This is the next one in my stack.

  2. You are correct; although it's Christian fiction, there's very little in it that would turn anyone "off."


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