Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blog Tour: Snow Melts in Spring

I signed up to take part in a blog tour for a new book: Snow Melts in Spring. However, the book hasn't arrived, so I can't review it for you. What I can do is refer you to some websites where you can learn more about the book. Hopefully it will be here soon because it looks good.

Snow Melts in Spring on Amazon:

Deborah Vogts’ Website:

Deborah Vogts’ Blog:

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List of all participating bloggers:
The Snow Melts in Spring Flickr group:

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  1. The publishers or whatever must be having problems getting books out! I'm supposed to be getting Tour de Force but haven't received it yet and it's supposed to tour on June 15th...btw i mentioned that you referred me to the blog so i hope you get some credit! thanks again!


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