Monday, June 15, 2009

My Review: Devil in Winter

You may have noticed that I like Lisa Kleypas' romance novels. Devil in Winter is another of them. It features one of the Wallflowers about whom I first read in Secrets of a Summer's Night. Evangeline is a shy but rich about-to-be heiress whose family is insisting that she marry a cousin who disgusts her. She runs away and propositions Viscount St. Vincent with a proposal he never expected to get--she wanted to marry him. He had just recently kidnapped a friend of hers because he needed a rich wife (but he didn't get away with it), so she figures he is as desperate for a rich wife as she is for a husband. They marry, inherit her father's gentleman's club and fall in love. Another character we meet is Cam Rohan, who worked for Eve's father, and later for St. Vincent when he takes over the club. He is the hero of Mine Til Midnight

There wasn't anything profound about this book; it was a basic romance novel, though because of the circumstances all the sex took place after marriage.

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