Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Review: If I Had You

I have enjoyed several of Deborah Bedford's books (maybe that new widget I installed will link them to this post--if not, feel free to search my archives) and while I enjoyed this one, it was not one of my favorites. It is the story of three generations in the same family. Nora is in her late 40's. Her daughter Tess is in her late teens. All her life, Tess has felt like nothing she did was good enough for her mom. She left home, got hooked on drugs and got pregnant. She came home, had her daughter with the intention of putting her up for adoption, but then changed her mind.

Bedford said this book is her story. I won't tell you which of the women she is, but I will tell you that the book has a strong pro-life message. I just didn't really like any of the characters, except the little girl.

Discussion Question: Do you have to like the characters in order to like a book?

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  1. I would say no. I recently read "Something Borrowed" - the characters were self-centered and shallow but overall I enjoyed the story.... the truth is it was a story about shallow people


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