Saturday, December 12, 2009

Author: Marilyn E. Randall

Bostick Communications offered Marilyn E. Randall's Elmer the Christmas Elf for review and I decided to give it a try. For some reason Randall was unable to send it timeley so she sent me another of her books For Faithful Friends instead, and then, when she was able to send Elmer, she also sent Inside Out. Ms. Randall seems to be a very nice person.

Faithful Friends is the story of a turtle who is afraid of the dangers of like and how his friends help him. It is written in a rhythmic rhyming style. While I like the message and think the illustrations are cute, it didn't hold my five year old's interest.

Elmer the Christmas Elf is written in a similar style,and since Randall is both the author and the illustrator, the illustration style was similar too. Elmer makes toys and helps load the sleigh--and after Santa has pulled off realizes that one toy was left behind. What should he do?

Inside Out is about a frog who learns that what is on the inside is much more important that physical beauty.

You can purchase hard copies of these books directly from Randall, and she'll even autograph them. You can download e-copied from for quite a bit less. I thank Randall for the complimentary books and wish her the best.

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