Tuesday, December 01, 2009

From My Reader

I haven't checked my Google Reader in a few days so I'm sure it is stuffed--yup, 517 posts. Well, I still have 20 minutes left on my lunch break, so let's see what looks interesting today.

Catholic Mom is giving away a children's book about the childhood of John Paul II.

How about some oatmeal cookies a la Starbucks?

If you need something to bring to a cookie exchange, here are ideas.

Lots of folks have reviewed Hunger Games; Caite's caught my eye.

I love Christmas music. Make Use Of tells us were we can listen to free Christmas music online

Make Use Of reviews Book Rix, another social network for readers and authors.

My waist is small compared to my hips, which makes it hard to find pants that fit. Elena linked to a site with a trick I'm going to have to try.

Lunchtime is about over and I only have 474 more posts in my reader.

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  1. you only noticed my review because I was the very, very last person in blogland to read this very enjoyable book. ;-)
    thanks for the shout out!


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