Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Rose by the Door--My Review

A Rose by the Door  I've enjoyed several of Deborah Bedford's books, and my friend Renee was kind enough to send me this one after she read it.  If you like my blog, try hers, she reads similar books and we often share the same opinion of books we both read.

A Rose by the Door is the story of two women.  Bea was the mother of Nathan, and the book opens with the police showing up at her door to tell her he is dead/  Gemma was Nathan's wife.  Since Nathan had left home years ago, angry at his mother, they had never met until Gemma showed up at Bea's door after Nathan's death.  Gemma has a daughter who is not Nathan's son.  This is the story of the relationship that develops between the women and the story of Bea's faith.

A Rose by the Door is a beautiful well-written book.  It is Christian fiction and has the stereotypical "salvation" scene.  Bea's relationship with God is a major part of the story as well.  Still, I think it is a story that someone without Christian beliefs could enjoy.

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