Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stop It by Sally O. Lee

Stop It! is a cute children's story that purports to be about bullying, but which really deals more with sibling spats. George is introduced as a bully; and Anabel as his sister. Anabel has a cat named Lulubell. Anabel likes to play dress-up but George doesn't like it when she does. He picks at the cat, which annoys Anabel, who get angry and tells him to stop it. Then he sees Anabel treat the cat well, and feels badly. He didn't know what do to, he picked up Anabel's wand and gave it to her, at which time she made him a prince.

My five year old enjoyed the book. As one of five kids, I could relate to the sibling picking; but as the baby behind two big ones, she didn't quite "get" it. She said Anabel shouldn't have yelled, and wanted to know why George was picking at her cat. George sounds a lot like one of my brothers, and I recommend it for the 4-6 year old age group.

To purchase from Amazon: Stop it!

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