Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Short Review: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home

Sorry to those of you who follow on Google Reader, no pretty picture for this post; I'm just being lazy tonight (Amazon photo links like this one don't show up on Google Reader) I won Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home this summer, and it came about the time about three tour groups found me and starting drowning me in books. Somehow a book about housekeeping just didn't rise to the top of the stack, especially as I didn't "owe" anybody a review. Well, tonite I decided to take a look at it. After thumbing through it and reading bits and pieces, I've decided to put it on my keeper shelf, at least for a while. She gives step-by-step directions for most cleaning chores, and tells you what tools and cleaners to use. She's a big believer in vinegar, baking soda, dishwashing liquid and water. She's not a fan of noxious chemicals or expensive store-bought cleaning solutions.

I can't tell you this is a wonderful read that kept me glued to it all night--but then housekeeping never was my thing. The book does have some humourous family anecdotes in it though. As I said early, I think it makes a good reference, and I'm thinking it may be on my kids summer reading list (or maybe Christmas reading list).

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  1. LOL.... your kids will love you for that Christmas assignment :)


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