Sunday, December 13, 2009

Review: The Smart One and the Pretty One

This was a fun chick-lit read about two sisters. Ava is a successful attorney; Lauren is a buyer for a boutique. Ava is very conservative in dress and with her money; Lauren loves to shop, and unfortunately is way behind in her bills when she is fired. This happens at the same time their mother is diagnosed with cancer and needs someone to go with her to treatments. Lauren moves home and takes care of Mom. Ava tricks Lauren into seeing a debt counselor and then insists she sign an agreement to buy nothing but necessities for six months. To get even, when Lauren finds an agreement their parents signed when they were kids, betrothing Ava to a friend's son, she contacts the son and sets up a reunion and insists the two are engaged. The story is not only about the relationship between the sisters, but also about the romance between Ava and her "intended".

There were a couple of pre-marital sex scenes but they weren't real graphic. The whole attitude toward sex and relationships was devoid of religious values. If you are looking for an entertaining light read with no real substance, this pretty much fills the bill.

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