Saturday, December 19, 2009

Review: The Basic Book of Digital Photograpy

I found another book for my keeper shelf.  The Basic Book of Digital Photography is a great reference book for any digital photographer (except perhaps a professional).  It covers everything from selecting a camera, to how a digital camera works, how to set up shots, how (and why) to manipulate all those buttons on the camera, what accessories to buy, photo editing software and printing.  While some of the advise seems a bit on the obvious side, the book is laid out with subheadings that make skimming for the information you need (and skipping what you already know) easy.  The writing is clear without being dumbed-down and, unlike some other books I've read, this one doesn't assume you have professional style equipment, nor does it suggest that you should.

I had planned on accompanying this post with a few pointers from the book, along with some photos I took showing the auto mode vs. setting it as told, but my five year old has been playing with my camera and none of the menus work, so all I'd do is change from one pre-set mode to another.  Oh well, at least it still takes good pictures.

Thanks again to the folks at FSB for sending me a complimentary review copy.  You can buy one at  The Basic Book of Digital Photography: How to Shoot, Enhance, and Share Your Digital Pictures.  To get an idea of the writing style in the book, read the articles I posted on Cell Phone Photography and Ten Top Tips for Dynamite Digital Photography.

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