Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mama Buzz: Visions of Sugarplums


Presented by: Lizzie at A Dusty Frame
Price: $7
Available at: A Dusty Frame

Visions of Sugarplums: A Collection of Christmas Cookery is a delightful ebook published by Lizzie of A Dusty Frame, filled with those exceptional recipes of holidays past. My mouth waters as I examine the contents:
Gingerbread Waffles
Warm Cranberry Punch
Sweet Potato Casserole
Moravian Cookies
Toffee Squares
Epiphany Cake
Julgrot (Swedish Rice Pudding)
Triple Layer Brownies
Vintage Molasses Cake

The book is sprinkled with holiday traditions from around the world and their corresponding recipes, like finding the lucky single almond in the Julgrot. You’ll find inspirational quotes, a section on making homemade ornaments from kitchen ingredients, suggested family traditions, snow day ideas, and a list of favorite Christmas books. And, of course, lots of love.
Visions of Sugarplums is available for just $7 and is thoughtfully arranged with vintage illustrations—a lovely keepsake for yourself or a special gift for a friend

My Review:
Visions of Sugarplums reminds me of a church cookbook. The recipes are old standards of the type you see in those cookbooks. Copies of artwork from old books adorn the pages. Scripture quotes and quotes from famous Christmas Stories are found throughout the 64 page book. Printed out, I think it would make a cute gift, especially if accompanied by a batch of cookies made from a recipe in the book. Just remember, it is an ebook, not a hard copy.

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