Friday, April 10, 2009

Book Review: Go Back and Be Happy

Go Back and Be Happy is the inspiring story of a young woman's recovery from a brain stem injury. Just after her divorce, Julie Papievis was hit by a teen who ran a red light. Due to her brain stem injury, she wasn't expected to live. She beat all the odds, and not only lived, but learned to walk, talk, and even run again. Unfortunately she still has sequelae from the accident. She can run, swim and bike, but it is with great effort. She is able to hold a responsible job, but only part-time. She credits her recovery to God and to the love of her family.

She is one of those people who had a near-death experience that included meeting dead relatives and feeling the peace of God. During that experience she felt God told her to go back and be happy, hence the title of the book.

It was an enjoyable inspiring read. It will be toured by First Wildcard next Tuesday. Check back then to read the first chapter.


  1. This is one I wanted to read and review for First WildCard but I guess I was too slow responding to get a copy.

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