Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Review: The Smartest Way to Save

I've made an amazing discovery! I have this great secret to share with all of you! I learned it reading The Smartest Way to Save. Here is the secret: In order to get ahead financially you have to spend less than you make! I know, that's kind of like picking up a book on how to lose weight and finding out that you have to eat less and exercise more; unfortunately, both "secrets" are equally valid.

Actually, The Smartest Way to Save could be very helpful if your finances are out of control and you are willing to do what is necessary to reign them in. It is an easy read and covers getting out of debt, developing a new relationship with money and tips for getting more for your money. It also covers investing and avoiding scams and ends with Sam's Principals of Financial Independence. However, if you are looking for some magic cure that will allow you to spend whatever you want whenever you want and still increase your net worth, well, the book that tells you how to do that is on the shelf next to the one that tells how you can be a sweet-eating couch potato and still lose weight. Unfortunately no one has offered me a review copy of either of those books so I can't link you to them.

The authors, real estate developer, attorney, banker and professor Sam Freshman and journalist Heidi Clingen have a website where you can get freebies including an excerpt from this book. Check it out at

As I said, there isn't anything new or terribly earth-shattering in this book, but it is a good, easy-to-read beginning book on putting your financial house in order.


  1. Why do I find it so easy to not spend more than we have but I find it so hard to eat no more than I can burn ???

  2. darn, you stole my diet secret...the book is called The ELMM diet.
    page one... Eat Less Move More...the end.


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