Monday, April 27, 2009

My Review: The Noticer by Andy Andrews

Thanks to Thomas Nelson publishers for the opportunity to review this book which is described as "a unique narrative is a blend of fiction, allegory, and inspiration".

The Noticer is about a mysterious man who the author meets when he is a young man down on his luck, living under a pier. Jones gives him some advice, along with the biographies of some famous people. Using Jones' advice and the lessons learned from those biographies, Andy manages to turn his life around. The title of the book comes from what Jones says about himself; he says he is a noticer, he notices what many people don't.

The advice Jones gives is pretty generic. For example, he says that people who are most successful are generally those who other people want to be around. Therefore, if you are not successful, he suggests making a list of ten things about yourself that other people would change if they could; and then to set about changing them.

The book is easy to read and while the advice Jones gives isn’t anything new, the presentation is enjoyable to read, and most of us could use at least reminding of the things he says.

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