Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Note II--my review

I guess I was bound to be disappointed, as much as I loved The Note, but I was hoping Angela Hunt could write a sequel that I would love as much as the original. Unfortunately, she did not. She wrote a Hallmark movie--sappy sweet, cast with beautiful people and all tied up with a bow at the end. I can't say much about plot details without them being a spoiler either for this book or for The Note, so I won't say much except that the main character is a newspaper columnist whose column is titled Heart Healer. The story focuses on a statement she made in one column "Passion. It should always be tempered with caution. Especially when it comes to affairs of the heart." and a reader's disagreement with that statement.

At the end of the book there is a note from Hunt, who explains that the setting and a character name have changed from The Note. Actually they were changed when The Note was made into a Hallmark movie. I think a big difference in the books is that while Hallmark took The Note and made it into a movie (which I'll assume had Hallmarks usual sweet style) The Note II was written to be a Hallmark movie, and it shows. This book has a center section with glossy photos of the movie, which stars Genie Francis and Ted McGinley.

While characterized as Christian fiction, I stated that religion played almost no part in The Note and that I thought anyone could enjoy the book, even if not Christian. The Note II is more obviously Christian. We go to church with Peyton and hear part of the sermon. Peyton mentions God in some of her columns. The religious aspects aren't overbearing, but they are there, not really relevant to the story and probably are enough to turn off someone who doesn't want to read about religion in a novel.

If I hadn't read The Note, I might have been happier with The Note II. As it is, I'd characterize it as fair--a quick easy read, another visit with friends from The Note, but nothing exceptional.

First Wildcard will tour this book next month.


  1. The Note II was written to be a Hallmark movie, and it shows.Actually, The Note 2 was written FROM a Hallmark movie, so of course it shows. Doug Barr wrote the movie; I was hired to turn the movie into a novella.

    Thanks for reviewing the book!

  2. Ruth,

    A belated thanks for the Didio Award you gave me a few months back!

    God bless! booklady

  3. I read The Note and loved it. I enjoyed the movie version but not as much as the book of course. After reading your review I'm somewhat glad I didn't spend the money on The NoteII. Even the movie wasn't as good as the first.
    Although they are both OK if you need something to pass away a rainy Saturday afternoon.
    Thanks for the review.


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