Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Lake That Stole Children: My Review

Thanks to the author, Douglas Glenn Clark, for sending me this interesting book. The Lake that Stole Children is a short book aimed at pre-teens. It is a fairy tale-type story where magical forces teach the characters a lesson, but where everyone lives happily ever after. The main characters are a father and son. The father wants to keep the boy safe; the boy craves adventure and wants more freedom. His father sees discipline as love; the boy does not. Disobeying his father, he ends up trapped, along with other local children who have tried to escape their parent's care. His father ends up rescuing not only him, but all the other children too, and learning a lesson in the process. Unfortunately, I don't think the son did. In other words, while the father learns that discipline must be tempered; the son doesn't learn that discipline is love.

Like most books I've recevied via Bostick, this one is self-published. After reading some of them, it is obvious they were not written by professional writers. That is not the case here. Clark is a professional writer and it shows. His use of language is almost poetic.

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