Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Showing Off

If I was a good blogger, instead of sitting here publishing three posts in one night, I would write them all, and then schedule them to appear on different days. Oh well, what you see is what you get. Sometimes I feel like writing; other times I don't.

In case you didn't know, its no fun when loved ones die. Also, in case you didn't know, its going to happen to all of us. There are only two good things about it, that I can think of: 1) they get to go to heaven and 2) we get their stuff.

On Easter I used some of my mom's stuff--stuff she got from my grandmother. Isn't the china pretty? I looked up the pattern and it is called Eggshell Nautilus. It was from the 1950's and was what they called "transfer ware". From what I could tell, those flowers and fancy (and well-attached) stickers (as opposed to a painted-on decoration as was common for china at that time). The dinner plates are nice, but I really like the salad plates, which are square, and have scalloped edges. It's funny, this stuff really looks used. My twenty year old wedding china looks brand new.


  1. Very pretty china. I have my maternal grandmother's china as well but I have yet to use it. I guess I really do need to let it escape the china cabinet.
    How about a pic of the prettier square plates?

  2. It's lovely!

    Ruth I like your idea about the Catholic Carnival. I have been pondering the same thing myself only with using Mr. Linky. I think the blogs who participate would get more mileage that way than if just buried in a comment box. If you go the Mr. Linky route, I am definitely in!


  3. Dangit Ruth...stop making me hungry!

    Now, I got your message about the Catholic Carnival, its great to hear someone willing to pout some time into it, However, my only suggestion is retain the title

    "CATHOLIC CARNIVAL", thats what people who read (red) it will be googling and something called "St. Blogs" (which is a completely different App/Site/List - I am member of) or "Snippets", regular readers who are looking for "whatever happened to the Catholic Carnival...?" will never find us from a search.

    If your intent is to start something new with a new identity then I see your purpose, I do.

    Just my $0.02.


  4. The other thing that occurred to me to be a completely work free (no host effort required) is to make a new actual Blogspot blog called the Catholic Carnival or have those words in the title, invite previous CC Contributors to be authorized writers, and give only those authors access to publish on it freely. Many blogs have multiple authors.

    Yea thats the real ticket right their.

  5. The china is lovely. That is one thing I would like to get out of my mother's house- my great grandmother's china. It is sweet and pink - with scalloped edges. I have always loved it. It will probably sit in the cupboard until my mother passes away. Too bad- I would use it often and wash it with care. Maybe I can trade her my china for that china!

  6. Ruth, your china is beautiful! I love old things! You are right - we all pass away someday and one of the few good things that we have when we lose a loved one is inheriting some great family heirlooms. My brother, sister and I inherited our aunt's 100 year old house in Mississippi and all of the contents when she passed away a few yrs ago. I still dearly miss my aunt but I treasure the beautiful things that I brought home from her house. It is really nice that we can have these things to keep in the family and use in our own home. I am glad that you used the china at Easter!


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