Friday, April 10, 2009

My Review: Stop the Traffik

At the end of the month, First Wildcard will be touring Stop the Traffik, a book produced by the United Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking. Stop the Traffic is styled more like a magezine than most books. It has abundant photographs, charts, graphs, and other graphic elements. While divided into chapters, they are really more of a collection of related stories than chapters with a beginning, middle and end. While the book contains stories of many people, they are all short and just tell the surface facts, rather than getting deeper as a book by and about one person, such as Road to Lost Innocence.

This was not an enjoyable book to read, but it is a book that needs to be read. For more information on human traffiking, see these websites: Stop the Traffik Coalition for the Removal of Pimping as well as others referenced in the book.


  1. I'm purposely not reading your review since I've not yet read this book.
    I am about half way through Jantsen's Gift; excellent book. Had me in tears which makes it hard to read

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  3. I was on GoodReads to see how many stars you gave Stop the Traffik. I wrote my review today but it won't be on my blog until the tour date; just works easier that way for me to keep review with First WildCard posting.....
    I didn't like the format of the book

  4. I wasn't that crazy about the format either. It was too long for a magazine article, but not in depth enough for the size book it was.


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