Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

Jay at Living Catholicism ran the Catholic Carnival for years, but recently had to stop. While I read posts on several blogs lamenting the loss of the Carnival, I didn't see anyone volunteering to take it over. I decided to try--but realized that a carnival is a lot of work. Jay sent out weekly messages asking for contributions, got people to host and sent out message indicating when the carnival was posted. Hosts had to gather and compile the postings for the week.

Book Bloggers are fond of memes. Check my blog or the book blogs on my sidebar and you'll see Mailbox Mondays, Teaser Tuesdays and Thinger Tuesdays, Wordless Wednesdays, and more. These memes encourage us to visit each others blogs and give us handy links to do so. I decided that I'd try reviving the Catholic Carnival as a meme, so please, join in.

Who can play? Anyone posting about things Catholic. Some blogs are focused on Catholicism; others, like mine, mention it periodically. Both are welcome here. While I am not going to stay on the computer all day to monitor posts, nor am I going to moderate them, I will remove links to blatant spam or obvious anti-Catholic posts.

How do you participate? Go to your blog. Write a post titled Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival. In it summarize and link to any posts you want to bring to our attention. You can highlight one post or a dozen. You can pontificate on the subject of your choice, share links or ask for prayers. In your post, link to this master Sunday Snippets post. Also, include the following:
  • Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival is a weekly opportunity to share our best posts with the wider Catholic blogging community. To participate, create a post highlighting posts that would be of interest to Catholics and link to the host blog at Go to the host blog and leave a comment giving a link to your post.

Once you have published your post, come back here and leave a comment that includes a link to it. Then go visit some of the other contributors.

How can I remember to participate next week? Go to the Sunday Snippets Yahoogroup and subscribe. A reminder will be sent weekly.


  1. Here is my first entry to the new version of Catholic Carnival!

    In the interest of simplicity Ruth I would encourage you to go the Mr. Linky Route- contributors don't even have to have HTML coding to enter!

  2. I'm planning to try Mr. Linky. I messed up my blog with him once on something else, and we are havinig computer problems here so I wanted to keep things simple from my perspective this week. Hopefully I'll be more user-friendly in the future.

  3. Ruth,
    Thanks for hosting this new version of the carnival. My entry for this week is at

    PS- I second the vote for Mr. Linky. :)


    is my entry. I know I"m not doing this 'properly' but I would rather have the posting linked this way than not at all.
    I'll learn and get better next time R

  5. My plug for Sunday Snippets is here, I have also posted links to all of the Catholic Carnival's still in existence.

  6. Here are my Catholic Carnival posts for this week:
    Homeschooing - the possibilities are endless -- The best thing about the close of one homeschool year is the start of another. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.

    Homeschool conferences - who needs ‘em? -- It's not all about you!

    Thanks for bringing the Carnival back!

  7. Better late than never.

    Here at WBN we'd like to highlight three things for the Sunday Snippets: something for Wynken at, something to make you Blynken mad, and something to make you Nod your head.

    Thanks RAnn for putting this together!

  8. Excellent idea! I'm in. Just gotta hunt out something worthy. Will look for Mr. Linky...

  9. Created my first Sunday Snippets on my blog, This is a great networking idea.


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