Monday, April 06, 2009

Mailbox Monday

Thanks to Marcia at The Printed Page for hosting.

I think the mailman and UPS guy are wondering what is going on at this house with all the packages they are delivering. What did this week bring for me?

  • The Manning Brides--a compilation of two Debbie Macomber harlequin-type romances. My review is here. It came via Bookmooch. I also got another Macomber book, Nell's Cowboy, also through Bookmooch.
  • A Lucky Child is a memoir of surviving Auschwitz as a young boy. My review is here, and I'm running a giveway, so come visit!
  • Bookmooch also brought me Lisa Kleypas' Sugar Daddy, which I really enjoyed. I have reviewed it as well.
  • The Thomas Nelson Book Blogger program sent me Max Lucado's His Name is Jesus which will be part of my Holy Week reading.
  • Real Solutions for Busy Moms by Kathy Ireland will be toured by First Wildcard this week. Check back for a review and to read the first chapter on April 7. I thought it was a parenting book, but it is really more of a general advice book. However, the advice is pretty basic--don't spend more than you make, don't try to keep up with the Joneses, put your kids in carseats, exercise regularly and don't forget to take time for yourself.
  • Girls in Trucks came from the folks at Hachette. I'll be running a giveway starting next week. Hopefully I'll have it read and reviewed by then.
  • Another First Wildcard book is Stop the Traffik which is about modern slavery.
  • The Blood of the Lambs, a former terrorist's memoir of death and redemption is also a First Wildcard book.


  1. WOW! You really got some great books. I don't do Mailbox Monday but should. I also feel sorry for my mail person and UPS man. I apologized to my mail person and she said"Don't apologize! Because of your having so much mail and packages helped me to have this become a permanent route." Prior to that, we always had a different person and living in a new neighborhood with so many houses I couldn't understand I know.

  2. Fun week for you :D
    I got my first fed-ex this morning. But that is next week, this week is up now.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of books in one week. I'm getting A Lucky Child ARC from Library Thing-I read your review, glad it was good. I get most of my reading through Bookmooch. I'm doing a Hachette giveaway right now too, aren't they great? This is my first, it's for The Girl Who Stopped Swimming. I love seeing what everyone got in their mailboxes. Enjoy your books.

  4. Nice! You had a great week.

  5. Anonymous9:31 AM

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  6. Girls in Trucks has been in TBR pile for a while...I really should get around to reading it!

  7. You had a great week. I am looking forward to reading Girls In Trucks. It looks like a good one. Happy reading.

  8. Wow - you had a great week RAnn!! Did you redo your blog? I love the header and colors. :)

    The Manning Brides sounds really cute.

    Here's my Mailbox! ~ Wendi

  9. Awesome rockin' mailbox!


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