Monday, September 28, 2009

Amish Peace: My Review

Have you ever wondered why the Amish choose to live as they do? In some ways they seem to be a contradiction. They eschew higher education, but use modern medicine. They won't own a motor vehicle, but will ride in one. Why do they choose to accept what they do, and forgo what they do? What is their goal?

Amish Peace: Simple Wisdom for a Complicated World
attempts to answer those type of questions, and to get its readers to reflect on how they can incorporate some of the same philosophy into their lives without having to become Amish (something the author indicates the Amish do not encourage). In a nutshell, the Amish lifestyle is based on the good of the community, rather than the good of the individual. Their rules are designed to draw the community together and to keep it close, both physically and emotionally. Further, the sense of peace the people exude comes from accepting life as it comes as the will of God, and forgiving others.

Chapters are only a few pages long and usually include an anecdote about an Amish person to make the point. They end with a section titled "Reflections on Simplicity" which try to apply Amish ways to our modern life. One suggestion was that if you didn't have enough time, give up watching TV and the computer and see if that gives you more time.

Suzanne Woods Fisher's family belonged to faith community somewhat similar to the Amish, and she paints a very favorable picture of the Amish. The book is an easy read, but can provide fodder for deeper reflection if desired. Obviously the Amish are a Christian sect, and this book is written from a Christian perspective. While some of the reflections make sense strictly from a "be a better person and live a good life" perspective, many are overtly Christian.

I enjoyed the book and thank the folks at Revell books for sending it to me for this blog tour. For more information about the book and the Amish, join the author, Suzanne Woods Fisher at a Facebook party September 28 (that's today) from 3-5 p.m. Central time. To participate you will need an active account on Facebook and you will need to be a friend of Suzanne Woods Fisher. Click here for more information.
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  1. It seems Amish related books are becoming very popular in our stressful times. I was just reading something about the popularity of Amish romances...which I find amusing if you know much about Amish culture.
    I think what is popular is a very simplistic, idealized view of a group that,in reality, the vast majority of us would be very hard pressed to live in.

  2. Thanks, Rann, for taking time to review my book! And're right that what most books are focusing on is the best of the culture. But romance? It might not be Hollywood style...but they do have romance! They love...and love deeply. I've seen it up close.


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