Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blog Tour and Review: The Potluck Catering Club--A Taste of Fame

A Taste of Fame, the latest of the Potluck books, features the ladies from Colorado taking on New York City as contestants on a reality show that pits catering companies against each other with the now-familiar format of the TV audience calling in to vote on which teams continue and which teams don't.

I've read and reviewed some of the authors' other books:
The Potluck Club, Trouble's Brewing and Things Left Unspoken. Like those books, A Taste of Fame is far more about the characters than about the plot, which came out just about like I thought it would. This is series fiction, and unfortunately, it shows. I missed a book or two along the way and there were some things that happened that I just didn't completely understand because I missed the backstory. It wasn't that the story didn't make sense; rather it was the feeling that I'd understand some motivations and behaviors better if I knew what happened in the past. I guess they are planning at least one more book because, though this one had a satisfying ending, threads were left hanging.

As with the other Potluck Club books, I'd recommend it to those who like Debbie
Macomber's yarn shop books, or her Cedar Cove books. It is Christian fiction, which in this case means the characters pray together at crucial moments and that they plan to donate the prize money to their church. However, the prayers aren't long or preachy so I think even someone not inclined toward Christianity could enjoy this book, if they like light fiction about relationships among a group of women.

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