Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mailbox Monday

Well, after a week off, the mailman started delivering to my house again this week.
From the Catholic Company, I got Be Holy A Catholic's Guide to the Spiritual Life: If you're hoping to get to heaven, you'll need a plan to reach your goal. Do you pray? Give any thought to the virtues? Do works of mercy? And what about the sacraments? Been to confession lately? Are you doing any spiritual reading? This handy manual not only presents all the elements of a successful life, it also helps you incorporate those elements into everyday practice. Be Holy is the guide you need to achieve holiness now and heaven later.
For a Revell book tour I received Amish Peace: You don't have to become Amish to make personal peace a reality. Organized around five central themes in Amish life, Amish Peace shows you how you can cultivate a simple life of love, gratitude, and faith in the midst of a very complicated world. It includes real-life stories and examples of Plain People, Amish proverbs, and fascinating facts about Amish communities. Each section also contains questions for reflection and action, outlining things you can do in your own life that "make for peace."

Also on the Amish theme, I got Plain Promise from Thomas Nelson Publishers. You can read my review here.
For a First Wildcard Tour I got Cowboy Christmas. Read my review.

The nice folks at Phenix & Phenix sent me two books: Social Lives and A Sportscaster's Guide to Watching Football. I enjoyed Walker's Four Wives and this is about the same social strata. My husband is a football fan, and I used to be so I thought we'd enjoy a book about it.
Finally, via Bostick, I got Succeeding in High School, A Handbook for Teens and Parents plus a College Admissions Primer. Since I have a freshman and a junior, I thought it would be interesting.

Stop by The Printed Page to see what everyone else got this week. Thanks Marica for hosting.

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