Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Green Green Pear: My Review

Who among us has not wished to change something about him/herself? We want to be bigger, smaller, younger, older, blonder, richer, more athletic...anything but what we are. The main character of this children's book feels pretty much the same way. He is a green green pear and wishes he were (sic) anything but a green green pear. The Green Green Pear, the title character goes through a panoply of things he is not, giving children the chance to review the names of fruits and their colors, shapes, and animal sounds. Then the pear makes a wish on a shooting star and wishes to be transformed into things other than a green green pear. Each time thought, in his heart, he remains a green green pear. Finally, in the end, he wishes to return to being a green green pear because he realizes that is what he really is.

If found the book kind of amusing with a good lesson. My fourteen year old thought it was dumb. My five year old was attentive when I read it the first time, but hasn't asked for a repeat.

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