Thursday, September 10, 2009

From My Reader

Time for some more goodies from my Google Reader

MakeUseOf has gotten to be one of my favorite sources for new fun. Today they spotlight NeoK12, a website with educational websites and videos online.
My computers are getting old enough that I have to question the wisdom of having them repaired if they break. Maybe I'll try one of these sites that MakeUseOf spotlights--they teach you to repair your own computer. I'm going to tell my schools' PTOs about a fund-raiser listed on this list of cool sites. This set contains links to a PDF filler and to one that will turn your handwriting into a font.

Book Line and Sinker has quite a discussion going about summer reading lists for kids.

Bookin with Bingo is giving away The Smart One or the Pretty One. She is also giving away Cleopatra's Daughter.

Ms. Bookish likes comments and comments on her blog earn you chances at her giftaway drawing.

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