Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Girl Scout Time!

This is another photo from Visions of America (I still need to write a full review but my teen daughter stole the book "It's really cool Mom!"). Seeing it reminded me of my summer at Girl Scout Camp Ita Kana in Wiggins Mississippi. Every morning and evening we'd have a flag ceremony and I think everyone had to participate once. When it was your turn, you had to wear your camp uniform (white button down blouse and green shorts that zipped in the back). I don't remember if I was a caller or if I actually handled the flag but I remember standing there in that uniform. Today there is no camp uniform, and any uniforms are optional.

Girl Scouts has certainly changed since I was a kid, and has even changed in the year since I led my teen daughter's troop. Friday I start over, with Daisy Girl Scouts, my little one's group. She's been wanting to be a Girl Scout forever, and now it is her turn. Girl Scouts just revamped all their programs. Since I didn't do the old Daisy program I don't have a lot to compare it to but I know I hit three stores tonight looking for the seeds we are supposed to use for the first meeting. I ended up with an overpriced herb garden because other than birdseed, that's what I could find. Hopefully the five year olds don't break the ceramic pots. It should be interesting.

Thanks again to Visions of America for the photo. Check out the photographer's website to see some beautiful images of our great country.

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  1. Dear RAnn,
    Thanks for the invitation. I am not regular with this blog because nobody is reading it, I thought. I have another blog or space where I regularly post my Sunday reflections or homilies. Most of my friends and people foloow it. And the id is: frbosco.spaces.live.com See if you can link it with your Sunday Snippets.
    God bless you for the good work you do.



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